Thursday, 8 November 2012

Why hiring a Freelancer makes sense

One of the main reasons for outsourcing your required work to a Freelancer is cost. Freelancers are so must more cost effective than hiring a company.
Freelancers have lower overheads than regular businesses. The quality of the work in most instances much better than what is being received from a company because a Freelancer needs to build up a good portfolio to ensure feature business. There are also some Tax advantages for companies when using are using freelancers.
When hiring a Freelancer interaction will be with the person who has a personal stake in the project, this is different when hiring a company for your project and this has some advantages.
• Direct contact with the person doing the work
• More effort will be put into your project – longer hours
• Will ensure delivery on time as his/her reputation is at stake
Hiring a Freelancer does not restrict you to only your City, using the World Wide Web one can hire Freelancer anywhere in the world buy using multiple portals like 99Desk to assist you in appointing the correct Freelancer.
With all the communication tools available today it definitely makes sense to consider a Freelancer for your next Project.


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